The Amsel-Levi-Hasid Law Offices and Notary was founded in 1981 by advocate Tamar Amsel in Tel-Aviv. The Firm employs 10 lawyers in Israel and 9 in Ukraine via its wholly owned subsidiary law Firm under the name Amsel & Co. Law Firm LLC which was founded in Kiev on 1999.




We at Amsel-Levi-Hasid truly believe that the values portrayed above allow us to reach the needed results for our clients using a positive-pragmatic point of view, meaning that we ask ourselves how the deal can come into force despite the many possible difficulties, while finding creative solutions to the objective problems which rise in the performance of all but every deal.



Sunday 1st of June 2008

Dan Panorama Hotel Tel-Aviv


In the past year we have witnessed the awakening of Israeli Construction and Infrastructure Companies and Entrepreneurs, who have identified Ukraine as a significant Growth Engine in their global operations.
Alongside great opportunities and promise of impressive return rates, Business conduct in the Ukraine holds more than a few risks and obstacles in light of mentality differences, political stability and business culture, which might lead to hasty decision making.


The goal of the seminar is to give Israeli Companies and Entrepreneurs an advantage on their competitors by providing vast knowledge and experience, widespread connections and a profound and thorough understanding of the Ukrainian culture, as well as direct access senior bodies among the decision makers.

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Our Office has been ranked among the top 100 leading Law Firms in Israel in 2009, by Dun & Bradstreet. Click here to watch our Firm's profile.


Amsel & Co.

Our Kiev branch was founded to promote our client's business activity in Ukraine while narrowing the "Non Business Risk" to A minimum.

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