The Amsel-Levi-Hasid Law Offices and Notary was founded in 1981 by advocate Tamar Amsel in Tel-Aviv.

The Firm employs 10 lawyers in Israel and 9 in Ukraine via its wholly owned subsidiary law Firm under the name Amsel & Co. Law Firm LLC which was founded in Kiev on 1999.


The personalities of the founding partners Mrs. Tamar Amsel and Mr. Ofer Levi radiate on the character of the Firm and molds the manner of the Firm's demeanor in Israel and in Ukraine.

The moral anchors on which the firm's activity is laid are: 


Professionalism and
focused expertise


Empathy and courtesy in conducting its work


Loyalty to the client and understanding the fellow man
whether be it a client, an employee or the counterpart

We at Amsel-Levi-Hasid truly believe that the values portrayed above allow us to reach the needed results for our clients using a positive-pragmatic point of view, meaning that we ask ourselves how the deal can come into force despite the many possible difficulties, while finding creative solutions to the objective problems which rise in the performance of all but every deal.


The Firm acts as a "One Stop Shop" for its clients.

We at Amsel-Levi-Hasid provide our clients with a "comprehensive solution" to the clients' various needs including constructing an interdisciplinary team using our outsourcing associate partners for the deal management.

The interdisciplinary team may include: Accountants and tax consultants, media consultants, private investigations, project managers, architects, financial and banking advisers.




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Amsel & Co.
Our Kiev branch was founded to promote our client's business activity in Ukraine while narrowing the "Non Business Risk" to A minimum.


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